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Zimmermann customers fall victim to elaborate scams with replica garments

Dozens of customers have fallen victim to an elaborate scam in which fraudsters are selling fake Zimmermann products for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Pictured: Margot Robbie wearing Zimmermann

Fraudsters have sold fake Zimmermann products to hundreds of customers, resulting in dozens of victims.

The clothing items are so exact that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a real item and a fake. This is despite customers shopping with the brand for over 10 years.

Many customers claim that they were sold fakes by reputable retailers who are well-known wholesalers of the luxury Australian brand.

They believe shopkeepers sell genuine items to fraudsters who then return a fake receipt.

Fraudsters have sold Zimmermann fake products to hundreds of customers, resulting in dozens of victims. Pictured: Margot Robbie wearing Zimmermann

Pictured: Real Zimmermann tag Pictured: Fake Zimmermann tag

These care tags were attached to two garments that are supposed to be the exact same. The left care tag is real, has a button, and is not misspelled. However, the right care tag does not have a button, and the Zimmermann label at the top is further apart than the left.

They claim that employees accept the items and put them back on shelves. This makes other customers more vulnerable to buying something of lower quality.

Others have purchased pieces from sellers who have high ratings on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace.

One Zimmermann fan said that he was sad that other customers don’t realize they’re buying fakes by writing reviews.

“The replicas are improving and we all need to be more mindful when purchasing from someone else than in a store.

The brand is concerned about counterfeit products being advertised as real.

Daily Mail Australia was told by a spokesperson for the company that there is a ‘continuing issue of counterfeits in the luxury fashion industry.  

Zimmermann has a whole team that is dedicated to protecting the brand and pursuing those who are selling imitation garments.  

Care labels sewn into the garment’s lining are the best way to verify a product’s authenticity. 

While some care labels have obvious spelling errors, others are so accurate that the stitching and a small triangle at the bottom of the tag are the only ways to spot a fake. The tag on the right is real, and is stitched on top of the seam rather than underneath it as is on the left

Some care labels make obvious spelling mistakes, but others are so exact that the stitching on the tag and a small triangle at its bottom are all you need to know if it is real. The tag on the right is genuine and is placed on top of a seam as opposed to underneath it.

This care tag on a Zimmermann dupe had the spelling of 'inside' wrong and the letters in 'Zimmermann' are more spaced out than usual

This care tag for a Zimmermann dupe was misspelled. The letters in ‘Zimmermann” are also more spaced than usual.

When replicas are made, the placement of the tag and the stitching are often slightly off. The font and letters are rarely the same. 

Recent weeks have seen many cases where customers discovered they had purchased a fake product after receiving the item.

After online postings of telltale signs that a fake was being made, some women had to learn this lesson the hard way. 

“The ink isn’t as dark and the print isn’t as sharp,” a Zimmermann aficionado explained. Zimmermann fanatic explained that the actual material of the care label can also be different.

Many women responded by sharing photos of care labels on products. Many realized that they had been sold dupes. 

One customer stated that she was too afraid to shop at Zimmermann stores because she cannot tell the difference between real and fake clothes after 10 years of wearing them. 

One devastated customer purchased this dress from a reputable Zimmermann re-seller only to learn online that it was a replica

This was purchased by a distraught customer dressOnly to discover online from a trusted Zimmermann re-seller that it was a replica

Pictured: The tag on the item Other tags are simply nothing like the originals, and are considered less sophisticated dupes

Other tags are just as good as the originals, but are less sophisticated (right). 

Pictured: The real Zimmerman Brightside Embroidered dress which is advertised online

Pictured: The original Zimmerman Brightside Embroidered dressThis is what is advertised online

Some care labels are spelled incorrectly, but others are so precise that only the stitching and the triangle at the bottom can be used to identify a fake.

One customer noted that the triangle on genuine Zimmermanns is always isosceles. ‘These fakes lack that.’ 

Other tags are just as good as the originals, but are less sophisticated. 

Customers are encouraged to shop in-store if possible to inspect any garments and care labels prior to purchasing.

If they choose to shop online, or from resellers, they should request photos of both sides and proof of purchase.  

Pictured: Nicky Hilton wearing Zimmermann at Fashion Week Pictured: Model Jessica Gomes modeling Zimmermann

Zimmermann is a well-known luxury brand in Australia

The beloved Australian brand was established in 1991 by twin sisters Nicky und Simone Zimmermann.

Nicky began designing dresses when she was just 14. She would sell them at Paddington market before landing a two-page editorial for Australian Vogue.

Nicky explained that it was a momentous one because I suddenly began to receive orders from boutiques across Australia. I could feel some momentum.   

In December 2020, it was revealed that the duo had sold an undisclosed stake of the business to Italian private equity fund Style Capital.

The brand has 40 stores in Australia, the United States, and Europe.  

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