‘Heartbroken’: Fergus bride-to-be left without wedding dress after bridal shop closes

Guelph –

A bride-to-be in Fergus claims she is out a wedding dress after the store she bought it from shut down for good.

Liane Jenkins accepted a dress from the Guelph Vision in White store in spring 2017.

“I looked at myself in the mirror and I got tears in my eyes,” Jenkins said this as she reflects back on the first time she tried it.

Jenkins said her wedding date wasn’t until 2020 so she was not in a rush to pick the garment up.

“In my mind, the dress was safe here (at the store). It was one stress that was off my mind,” Jenkins agreed.

Jenkins’ life was hectic after she chose her first dress. She described a flood in her house, her first child, and the global COVID-19 epidemic.

It wasn’t until she tried to reach out to the store recently that she found out they were no longer open.

Stephanie Bonis (the former manager of the store) confirmed that they had closed in 2020 due to pandemic losses. Before that, they sold Jenkin’s dress to another customer, along with most of their inventory.

“I’m heartbroken. It wasn’t their dress to sell,” Jenkins agreed.

Jenkins claimed she hadn’t heard from staff since 2018 until she posted about it on social media.

“I never heard ‘hi we’re closing, can you come and pick your dress up? Do you still want your dress?’” Jenkins said. “I still would have rather better communication whether you’re going out of business or not.”

CTV News Kitchener was interviewed by the former owner Vision in White. He said that they had tried to contact Jenkins several times, but never received any response.

“There’s only so much that we can do at this point. We feel terrible that this has happened,” Bonis said.

She said they are still available to help Jenkins.

“We are not shady people are not doing shady business,” Bonis said.

According to staff, the Guelph shop closed in March 2020 and was relocated to a Cambridge store.

Former staff stated that they would sell Jenkins a different gown if there was enough stock.

“As long as she would be willing to pay the difference because we know that she did put down money on her original gown,” Bonis said.

Bonis and the ex-owner both claimed that Jenkins paid just over $1,000 for the gown as a deposit. Jenkins claimed it was $1800.

Jenkins claimed she lost the receipt for the gown when her home was flooded.

Jenkins is planning to get married before the end of 2021.

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