Fan Favorite Dresses From Say Yes To The Dress Season 20

Say Yes to the Dress season 20 features a variety new styles that are on par with the latest trends. Here’s a breakdown of the three most popular picks.

The past fifteen years have been a period of great change. Say yes to the Dress Has been bringing designer weddingDresses for excited brides. There are a few fan-favorite gowns from season 20. As they search for the perfect gown, viewers love to watch the brides from the comfort of home. dressFor their wedding day.

Fashion trends change over time. wedding dressIt means that you are always evolving. Say Yes to the Dress is constantly evolving, as is the show itself, hosted by Randy Fenoli, Kleinfeld’s New York City. The store recently made COVID-19-friendly changes by offering consultations for brides through Zoom. The newest season of Say Yes to the Dress has a variety of new styles of dresses on par with the latest trends of the early decade.


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Flower appliqué, understated crepe, and drop waist mermaids are just some of the many trends that have taken hold of the current bridal world. Today’s brides prefer an understated look but with a little glam. Three bridal gowns from Say Yes to The Dress season 20 were a big hit with fans.

Say Yes To The Dress’ Goth & Vintage Dress

Alex Stebbins is obsessed with vintage glam. Allyson, her friend, came to Kleinfeld’s looking for a non-traditional dress. dressAlex, immediately attracted to a black dress. Alex wanted black but Allyson was afraid she would regret it. wedding dress. Alex was not discouraged and tried a black and beaded Lazaro gown that she fell in love with. Allyson convinced Alex not to try it. “If it was Tim Burton-themed, perfect. But that’s not what it is. Think of the venue.” Alex’s consultant asked her, “Do you feel like a bride?” and Alex’s answer was “No.”Although she chose to wear a white shirt, dress is respectable, she looked stunning in Lazaro’s masterpiece. Viewers can only wish Alex has a formal occasion where she could wear the black dress for.

Say Yes to The Dress’ Understated Gown

say yes to the dress

Every episode of Say Yes to the Dress features two new brides looking for their dream dress. dressHowever, a third bride comes back for alterations. On Say Yes to the Dress season 20, episode 6, returning bride Kelsey Topa tried on her Martina Liana gown for a final fitting. The dress was beautifully understated: a clean satin trumpet gown enhanced by bold lines from the spaghetti strap v-neckline bodice and a softening bow in the back. Conflict arose when Kelsey’s mother was unable to perform her duties. alterations could not find Kelsey’s bridal belt. She fled to search for it and left Kelsey and her family behind. She was concerned that the belt would not be easily replaced. However, what’s so striking about Kelsey’s dressIt could be argued that it looks even better with a belt, although some fans might disagree. The unbroken shape and silky white trumpet dress is one of the most visually appealing dresses on Say Yes to the Dress. The crisis was averted when Kelsey’s belt was found, but some viewers wished she had gone without the belt. Kelsey looked stunning, regardless of what the outcome was.

Say Yes To The Dress’ Snowflake Show Stopper

jenny say yes to the dress CROPPED

In episode 7, Jenny Tolman, a Tennessee country singer, came to Kleinfeld looking for the perfect interview. dressFor her outdoor and snowy Wyoming wedding. Jenny wore chic white winter boots and wanted to look like Jenny “a womanly snowflake.” Her eye was immediately drawn to her first and ultimate pick: a stunning Martina Liana high-neck long-sleeve gown with flower appliqué that looked like “snowy branches.” Despite Jenny’s outward confidence, she battled deep insecurity growing up. Jenny fell in love immediately with the gown. Even her bold winter boots were perfectly matched with the soft gown. dress. Jenny looked exactly like she wanted to, which is why her gown is the outstanding favorite for Say Yes to the Dress season 20.

Wedding dresses are more than just a dress for the ceremony. They can be a defining moment for some women. Say Yes to the DressSince almost two decades, it has inspired brides from all walks of life to feel confident and happy. Viewers can look forward to Randy and the rest of Kleinfeld’s team helping brides find their dream dresses for many years to come.

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