Dozens of students sent home from Scott Co. Middle for dress code violation

SCOTT COUNTY (WKYT), Hundreds of girls were pulled out from Scott County Middle School on Friday. dressCode violations on the very first day of the trial.

One student began conversations with school officials about allowing leggings to be part of the school’s uniform. dress code.

Madison Easterling said she first started talking to Scott County Middle School’s site base decision making council since the start of the school year about adjusting the dress code.

The 8th grader said she was looking for a more comfortable style at school. She’s gone to meetings and exchanged emails, which ultimately led to Friday and this trial run allowing girls to wear leggings on Fridays in February.

Students say that things took a dramatic turn after countless girls were pulled out of class and written up. dress code violation. One girl claimed she was embarrassed and asked her mom to take the girl home.

“As myself I just wanna go to school and be comfortable. And honestly school is about learning, and they shouldn’t be focused on what we’re wearing they should be focus on education that they’re teaching us,”Easterling stated.

A statement from the district states that they understand that families are concerned about this topic and that improved communication of guidelines would have helped parents better grasp this temporary change.

“I hope they realize like how the girls feel and that we want to be comfortable in our own clothes,”Easterling stated.

I spoke to a mother-daughter pair who said they were going to attend the next site meeting and board meeting of education, and that they know of others who are also planning to speak out against today’s events.

The next board meeting of education is Thursday at 6:30. The site base will meet again on the 28th at 4:00 pm.

According to the district, no student was required to leave school because of this. dressToday, code is not allowed. However, some did so and were signed by their parents.

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