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Seamstresses can alter, tailor, or make custom-made clothing and costumes. Seamstresses can make clothing fit properly by hemming or trimming excess length. Ask our onsite experts for more details. Additionally, seamstresses are able to make more complicated alterations like adding tucks or shaping a dress. For delicate fabrics like silk, or clothing with a liner such as a blazer or slacks, it will take more time and expertise. Also, seamstresses can alter wedding dresses and other formal wear. These types of alterations require more skill and time than basic tasks like hemming. Make sure you find a skilled seamstress to help you with your unique items. You may also consider a gratuity to show your appreciation for the many hours spent altering your wedding gown. This often involves multiple fittings and exact fixes in order to make it perfect. First, ask the seamstress if gratuities are accepted. If they say yes, then offer to pay an additional 15% to 20% of the total bill You can.